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80 years of growing in faith and developing long-lasting friendships.

A little History…

We have come a long way since the organization of the First Landmark Missionary Baptist in Milligan Ridge which developed into Milligan Ridge Missionary Baptist Church as we know it today. The church’s humble beginnings evolved from Sunday school gatherings and community revival meetings. The people of this area are hungry for God.  Charter members include, Louise Flagg, Minnie Bassett, Boe and Goldie McCann, Cyndia Flagg, Bertha Dobbins, W. A. Mustain, Harvey Turnbolt, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Whittenberg, brother and Mrs. W.P. Flowers, Icie Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, J. H. Wheeler, Joe Shackelford, Mable Barker, and Brother L. M. Harlan. The first meeting was held on July 31st 1938 and Milligan Ridge Missionary Baptist Church was established.

In September of 1938, G. G. Caudill, Sr. offered the land north of the gin and the land was eventually deeded the land to the church.  The building itself has undergone many updates and while it is not a fancy cathedral it’s just as beautiful especially with the backdrop of the Delta cotton fields. The “church” is not a building, but God’s people within.

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You are loved and welcomed

Great men of God have stood behind the pulpit of Milligan Ridge. Their first preacher, called a “quarter time” missionary earned a salary of $10 per month, Brother W.P. Flowers. It wasn’t long before the church experienced growth and a great expansion. Bro. Waymon Holt was called as Pastor in August of 1958 and held the pastorate of Milligan for almost 50 years. There are not too many people from North Eastern Arkansas who do not have fond memories or good things to say about this Godly man’s service and ministry for the Lord. Bro. Waymon was saved and baptized in the Buffalo Ditch as a 13 year old boy at Milligan Ridge Baptist.  Sometimes as many as 40 people were baptized following revival services. Praise God for a mighty moving of the Spirit that is still moving today!

In the Fall of 2015 Bro. Mike Colvin was called to preach a 5 night revival service. Phyllis Greathouse was the pianist, Bro. Bennie Minton led singing and people rejoiced. During this  same week, Bro. Mike was asked to visit Bro. Billy Gipson who was hospitalized at the time. Bro. Billy told us many stories in that hospital room and at the end of the visit Bro. Billy grabbed Mike’s hand and said, “You are going to be our next Pastor”. We had no idea at the time, but in December of 2015 Bro. Mike Colvin and his wife Mary were unanimously voted in and called to come join the family at Milligan Ridge and a new era of church life began.. Bro. Mike Colvin officially began his ministry at Milligan Ridge Missionary Baptist Church  in January of 2016.

We are a body of people bound together by the love of our Lord with a passionate desire to reach others for Christ. Our goal is to continue the legacy that began many years ago which is to grow the Kingdom of God by sharing God’s Word, by encouraging and equipping believers to make a difference for Christ by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Young and old, you matter to God and you matter to us. Come worship with us, being in one accord giving God all the glory, because this is still,

“Where it’s all about JESUS!”

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Mike and Mary Colvin

Mary and I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. We believe that you are not here by accident, but by God’s amazing grace. My wife and I moved from Fordyce, AR to accept the call to the pastorate of Milligan Ridge Baptist in January of 2016.  I’m humbled that God has allowed me to Pastor and minister to others for over 25 years.

As a team, our passion is helping precious souls learn how to have a relationship with Jesus and grow spiritually. Following Jesus and living for Him is the best decision you can ever make. It’s our prayer that you will consider visiting us because we believe God has a purpose, a plan and place for you in His church.

~In His Service

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