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Keep Your Focus!

As a kid, my dad plowed with a mule. He would start out on a row and line up a tree on the other side of the field between the mule’s ears. He would stay focused on that tree so that the rows would be straight. Today we are overwhelmed with so much activity going on. Violence, sickness, financial collapse, you name it and somebody is experiencing it. During times like these it is important to keep your focus where it needs to be. That is not on News Media or Social Media but on the Word of Almighty God!! God has a plan and we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes. What an exciting time this is for Christians who have their spiritual eyes opened and their ears tuned into that still small voice of God speaking to them in the midst of chaos. God is in control. Never forget that or doubt it. Keep your focus where it needs to be today and give Him praise and honor.

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