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We set the date and agreed on the Evangelist and everything is set. Revival services begin tonight and we are so excited. However, there is so much more to revival than just showing up for the singing and preaching. I would dare say that most of Church people today have never experienced a true, Holy Ghost Revival in their life time. If we attend services and nothing changes, no revival happened. If we are still in the same Spiritual place as we were before revival services then revival did not happen. Churches set revival because they agree that something needs to change. They aren’t where God needs them to be doing what He needs them to do, otherwise there would be no need of revival. Revival means change is necessary. If we really desire to experience true revival then prepare yourself to be taken out of your comfort zone and to do things that you ordinarily would not do. Are you willing to be revived no matter the cost? Time will tell. I hope so and I know that is what God wants too!

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