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The Reason for Christmas

Christmas is that special time of the year that really gets people excited and joyful.  Unfortunately, many of those people are excited and joyful about the wrong thing.  Before we can know what Christmas is, it is important to take a closer look at what it is not.  Christmas has nothing to do with a man in a red suit, lights all over your house, presents under a decorated tree or an elf on a shelf.  Before you say, “Well, these things are harmless.” let’s look at what they actually do.  These traditions and customs that have surrounded this holiday have ROBBED Jesus of the attention that should be given to ONLY Him. After all, this is HIS birthday celebration, is it not? We have turned it into a commercial spending frenzy where people go into debt because tradition states they HAVE  to buy everyone presents. Listen, God has already given the greatest present to us, His Son Jesus.  Born of a virgin, laid in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes. Born to die as a sacrifice for our sins so we could experience the forgiveness of our transgressions and stand righteous before our Heavenly Father. THAT IS THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! Don’t let the direction of the world rob you of the real meaning of this season.  Happy Birthday Jesus!

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