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Being Thankful

Luke 17:11-19 tells a story that really hits too close to home for many people.  Jesus met 10 lepers, 10 people who were outcast because of their physical condition.  They all cried out.  to Jesus to be healed. They had a desire to be made whole and Jesus was the only one that could do that. Then the story takes a twist when Jesus did not immediately heal them but told them to go and show themselves to the priest as though they were healed already.  They were not healed until they, by faith, began their journey to the priest.  All 10 began their walk and all 10 experienced a miraculous healing.  What a glorious day for those 10 men whose lives seemed to be over. This is a perfect picture of us before and after salvation. We were sin sick and hopeless until Jesus healed us by the cleansing power of His shed blood.  Unfortunately, the similarities between the healed lepers and many professing Christians continue after the healing process.  Out of the 10 that were healed, only one returned to say thank you. Nine others experienced healing but got too caught up in their blessing that they neglected to give thanks to the one who supplied the blessing.  Have you thanked Jesus for saving you? Always remember that He didn’t have to but because He loves you so much He willingly went to the cross and laid down His life just for you. Let Him see your thankfulness by living a life that brings Him glory. Thank you Jesus!

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