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The New Believer

What an amazing thing it is to witness a person come to know the forgiveness of their sins through total surrender to Jesus Christ.  The overwhelming joy and relief that shines on their face is priceless! As we take part in that wonderful miracle of God’s transforming grace, let us never forget the struggle that they will ultimately face in their journey with Christ. They will need support and encouragement as they grow in their faith. That is where we come in as older believers. Too many times we just sit back and do nothing until they fall and then we proclaim to everyone that will listen, “I knew they wouldn’t last.”. Let’s commit right now to praying for each other and being the encouragement that is needed in this dark world in which we live. Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The same principle applies to our Church families. Growth will take place when we focus on nurture instead of neglect. We have to stand along side our brothers and sisters in Christ as they begin to build on the Spiritual foundation that has been laid in their hearts. There is no greater joy than to see a sinner come to repentance but there is also no greater responsibility on our shoulders to show them the way. Praise God for new believers!

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