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How to be a Success!

In Genesis 24 we read about a time when Abraham is old and well stricken in age. He sends his servant to go and find a wife for his son, Isaac. What an awesome and amazing responsibility this servant had. Isaac was the son of promise, the beginning of God’s nation of Israel. The servant was understandably concerned with being successful in the mission that his master had entrusted to him. Before he made the all important decision, he shows us the key to being successful. In verse 12, the servant prayed to Almighty God for direction, wisdom and strength so that he could experience the success that Abraham expected. He prayed, “O Lord God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and shew kindness unto my master Abraham.” It was then that the servant met Rebekah, Isaac’s future wife. God had opened the door and granted him success in his mission.

There are two types of success – Worldly success and Godly success. You can have advanced to the pinnacle of worldly success and still be an utter failure in the eyes of God. Likewise, you can go through this life and not have two nickels to rub together and be an amazing success story to your Heavenly Father.

The ultimate question is, “Who are you trying to please? God or man? Abraham’s servant was motivated to please his master so he did not make any decisions until he prayed for guidance. THAT is how to be successful today! Ask God for help and follow His directions and DO what your Master tells you to do. Walk in Godly success today!

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