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No good thing will God withhold…

Beautiful words, beautiful life!

This verse has been on my heart this week as I’ve contemplated the “unsearchable riches” we have in Christ not only for the salvation of our soul, but for protection, provision, and great promise.

Our beautiful granddaughters, Ella age 8 & Whitleigh age 4 come spend a few weeks with “Mimsy & Papaw” every summer and we’ve been enjoying sunny days laughing and playing with them. They’ll be leaving soon and a sense of “a shady cast is looming” as we realize we won’t see them again for a long time.

God is our sun, even in the “shady” times of our lives and we can be assured that sunny days will return and whatever we face, we can have HOPE and faith in God.  God is our shield, he protects us and we are secure in HIM. Just a like a child that places her/his head under your arm and longs to be held and told that everything will be alright, our Heavenly Father is there for us in the same way.

“No good thing will He withhold to those that walk uprightly”. No good thing, is not always a “thing”, but can be favor and honor. Would you like to be favored of the LORD? He has blessings in store for you, but sadly many people never realize this and only look to “external” earthly blessings.

Today, place your faith and trust in GOD for the good things he has in store. Allow the Lord to bestow favor and honor on you, and let HIM be your sun and shield. Let us walk uprightly, let us love him with all our hearts, let us allow Him to guide us for it is God who  knows what we need and has the best in store for us.




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